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In many cases, the key to building a strong financial foundation and improved financial footprint is having a strong credit profile. Our team of experts are ready to help.

Your Time is Now Financial Freedom Begins With Good Credit

We are ready to help enhance your financial profile by eliminating common financial stresses. The time is now for you to enjoy the benefits of having a strong financial footprint!

Our process is simple. Our consultation starts with a one-on-one discussion and needs assessment followed by a personalized financial plan and partnership to accomplish your financial goals.


Don’t Stress, We’ll Handle Everything

Our team of trained experts invest time getting to know you and understanding your financial goals so that we can take the burden of stress off your shoulders.

Having a good credit rating is essential to building a strong financial footprint. Individuals with good credit ratings generally receive approvals for housing, cars, etc. and save money with lower interest rates among many other significant benefits.

Owning a home comes with a ton of benefits: financial stability, tax deductions, and sense of community belonging. Our team of licensed experts are available to help you navigate the home loan mortgage approval process.

Finding a job can be a challenge especially in today’s competitive job market. What steps are you taking to separate yourself from the competition? Save time and increase your chances of securing an interview with prospective employers by having your resume professionally written.

Are you happy at your current place of employment? Do you feel like the work you do is simply just a “Job” versus a long-term rewarding “Career”? Our team of career coaches are here to help. Enjoy the benefits of career assessments, interview preparation, resume review, and more.

Going to college for the first-time or returning to college to complete the process and earn the degree you deserve can be overwhelming at times. Our trained college enrollment and admission advisors are here to help provide guidance and direction.

Being a business owner and entrepreneur means that you wear many different “Hats”. Many small business owners have to have the vision and run the operations. Typically with little to no staff. We’re here to help.

Stress-free financial services

from start to finish

According to Ramsey Solutions, financial freedom means that you get to make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact. By being prepared and having a plan, you control your finances instead of being controlled by them.

The Loan Smart Team is here to partner and help you along your financial freedom journey. Our team consists of trained professionals and experts standing by to assist you accomplish your financial goals and objectives.

Our team of knowledgeable experts provide assistance and consultation within a wide range of financial services such as: career planning, credit repair, lending consultation, help with starting a business, and college planning such as  enrollment and financial aid resources.

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Our team will put together a financial needs assessment outlining steps and a partnership to improve your financial profile.

Our happy customers

We’ve helped many people from various backgrounds and communities Improve Their Financial Profile

Whether you are looking to improve your credit, purchase a home, or accomplish important business goals are team of trained experts are here to help.


Your Financial Freedom Journey Starts Today. Our Team Is Ready To Get To Work For You.

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“When we needed help purchasing our first home, we first had to improve our credit score, Loan Smart turned out to be the perfect partner.”


“Loan Smart is a highly professional consulting firm. We can depend on them to be transparent, smart, and committed to our success.”


“The Loan Smart Team has consistently proven their ability to understand our needs and help us outperform our expectations.”


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Choosing a company to partner with on your financial freedom journey takes time. We are here to answer any and all questions that you may have. 

The process is simple and easy. Start by creating an account online with your email address. From your online account dashboard, you will see options to schedule a 1:1 consultation along with free courses and trainings.

Every individual’s financial journey is different. In some cases, a financial profile can be completed in just a few short months. In other cases, the time may vary. Our experts customize your experience with a financial needs assessment based on your unique goals. 

Yes. 100%…our team of financial experts are available to offer a variety of credit repair and credit monitoring packages. 

Services at Loan Smart are free to get started. Additional and more comprehensive services can be bundled for a nominal monthly fee. 

Our goal is to reduce stress and keep things simple. With that being said, customers can cancel at anytime – there is no hassle or obligation!

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